What I offer
I offer distance coaching and counseling services worldwide via telephone
and video conferencing as a
n effective, private, convenient and affordable
way to work with local, national and international clients
that are looking for:

1.        Geographic confidentiality (you prefer to keep your participation in
counseling a personal matter or don’t wish to visit a local counselor.)

2.        The convenience of services provided in your home because you are:
isolated geographically, homebound because of physical limitations or
disability or, can’t easily travel to access mental health services (another
state or country)

Because the telephone and video-counseling tools enable clients and me

to talk privately from home, eliminating overhead and travel costs, I’m able
to offer the services for $45 per one-hour session with a 3-hour minimum
(contact me for a free 15 minute visit or demonstration of how the service
works – 541 389 9781 or aflood@q.com).

The live, video-conferencing software (Skype.com) is free and easy to
download and use. I recommend it for individuals or couples with a
telephone and access to a computer with a built-in or separate webcam.

If you’re struggling with decisions or direction in your life and are interested
in the online video and/or telephone process, contact me at 541 389 9781,

You will improve:

Organizational and Personal Effectiveness
• Be more effective, strategic and creative
• Make organization and personal decisions based on strategies more      
likely  to succeed
• Improve communication and decision-making
• Motivate using “power-with” rather than “power-over” strategies

Personal Relationships
• Recognize the needs behind whatever anyone does or says
• Deepen your emotional connections
• Transform judgment and criticism into understanding and connection
• Get what you want more often without using demands, guilt or shame

Business Relationships
• Strengthen employee/staff morale and loyalty
• Resolve workplace conflicts quickly and effectively
• Reduce office stress
• Maximize the potential of all employees/staff
• Hear and address customer/client needs more effectively
• Provide outstanding customer service

Anger Management
• Transform anger before it leads to behavior you’ll regret
• Discover the needs behind your anger
• Identify solutions that are satisfying to everyone
• Express anger in ways that connect us to others

Conflict Resolution
• Resolve conflicts peacefully—personal or public, domestic or international
• Get to the heart of conflict and disputes quickly
• Improve cooperation––listen so others are heard
• Transform criticism and blame into compassionate connection
• Prevent future pain and misunderstanding

  • a broad base of for-
    profit and non-profit
    development and

  • worldwide
    experience working
    with a range of
    clients including
    business owners
    and CEO"s.

  • counseling for
    married couples,
    addicts and
    alcoholics, the
    homeless and
    individuals with
    mental health
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Allan Flood, M.S.
What I offer
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