About Allan Flood
Allan is a relationship adviser, mental health mentor, alcohol and drug
counselor and educator who has helped hundreds of individuals in physical
and emotional crisis as well as married couples, business owners and
substance abusers worldwide using distance counseling technologies.

Allan has found that distance counseling is effective and makes counseling
and mentoring accessible and affordable globally. His experience includes
an understanding and appreciation of the
Three Principles and the work of
their discoverer, theosopher Sydney Banks (www.sydneybanks.org).

Allan’s life was turned upside-down in 1986 with his multiple sclerosis
diagnosis. He has devoted his life since then to understanding his own and
others' healing resources.

He has written two books,
Management by Inspiration as well as published
four editions over the last 15 years of
Perfect Misfortune - guide to hope,
healing and happiness when times get hard for body and soul.

  • Perfect Misfortune - the coming home edition 2015 is available on
    Amazon.com and can be reviewed on that site. The book has been
    highly recommended by Richard Carlson, author of the globally best
    selling Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series of self-help books.

  • Allan has also produced a CD and mp3 file available for download
    called Mind, Thought, Consciousness and Healing. Contact him at
    aflood@q.com for more information.  The audio and a transcript of the
    audio are also available at the website link:

  • http://l.facebook.com/l/mAQHoRyflAQEEinN2CKg955p46i7nEdev_2-
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