Allan brings a blend of experience and education to his practice as
mentor and counselor. He specializes in distance services -  global
advising and counseling provided via telephone and video conferencing.
Allan has over 20 years of experience in the counseling field
and has worked with a broad range of issues including
substance abuse, relationship and chronic physical and
emotional health issues. He knows that life is filled with
"personal growth moments" if we're able to recognize and
appreciate them.

Allan's book, Perfect Misfortune - the coming home edition
(available on is hopeful and inspiring for those
dealing with chronic physical conditions and illnesses.

The Introduction and Chapter 1 of Perfect Misfortune are posted
on Allan's blog   
Perfect Misfortune - Introduction and Chapter 1   
Distance Counseling - making counseling and mentoring services more

Distance counseling is an effective, private, convenient and affordable
way to find resolution and solutions to your personal and relationship
issues. It offers:

  • Geographic confidentiality - you prefer to keep your participation in
    counseling a personal matter or don’t wish to visit a local counselor.

  • The convenience of counseling services provided in your home
    because you are isolated geographically, homebound because of
    physical limitations or disability or can’t easily travel to access
    mental health services (another state or country).
Allan Flood (MS, CADC I)
& Associates